Ping Federate & Ping Identity SAML SSO Setup Example

PingOne Configuration

Add new application

  1. Click blue circle with the + sign.

  2. Select Manual Enter, enter URLs from the Label Studio Enterprise SAML SSO page.

  3. The result

Overview Tab

Configuration Tab

Attributes Tab

You should use this group value in mapping:

Expression: ${user.memberOfGroupNames == null ? '': #string.join(user.memberOfGroupNames, ',')}

Policies Tab

Access Tab

Users & Groups


All users should have at least one group, otherwise it will lead to the login error.

Label Studio Enterprise Settings

You can find LSE SAML SSO settings on the Organization page >> SAML SSO. You are able to map user roles and workspaces with Groups attribute.

Login using SSO

Now you are able to login using your SSO session, write your company domain on the SSO Login page:

Administrators can find the domain on the SAML SSO page:

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