The Label tag represents a single label. Use with the Labels tag, including BrushLabels, EllipseLabels, HyperTextLabels, KeyPointLabels, and other Labels tags to specify the value of a specific label.


Param Type Default Description
value string Value of the label
[selected] boolean false Whether to preselect this label
[maxUsages] number Maximum number of times this label can be used per task
[hint] string Hint for label on hover
[hotkey] string Hotkey to use for the label. Automatically generated if not specified
[alias] string Label alias
[showAlias] boolean false Whether to show alias inside label text
[aliasStyle] string "opacity:0.6" CSS style for the alias
[size] string "medium" Size of text in the label
[background] string "#36B37E" Background color of an active label in hexadecimal
[selectedColor] string "#ffffff" Color of text in an active label in hexadecimal
[granularity] symbol | word Set control based on symbol or word selection (only for Text)
[html] string HTML code is used to display label button instead of raw text provided by value (should be properly escaped)
[category] int Category is used in the export (in label-studio-converter lib) to make an order of labels for YOLO and COCO


Basic named entity recognition labeling configuration for text

  <Labels name="type" toName="txt-1">
    <Label alias="B" value="Brand" />
    <Label alias="P" value="Product" />
  <Text name="txt-1" value="$text" />
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