The TextArea tag is used to display a text area for user input. Use for transcription, paraphrasing, or captioning tasks.

Use with the following data types: audio, image, HTML, paragraphs, text, time series, video.


Param Type Default Description
name string Name of the element
toName string Name of the element that you want to label
value string Pre-filled value
[label] string Label text
[placeholder] string Placeholder text
[maxSubmissions] string Maximum number of submissions
[editable] boolean false Whether to display an editable textarea
[skipDuplicates] boolean false Prevent duplicates in textarea inputs
[transcription] boolean false If false, always show editor
[displayMode] tag | region-list tag Display mode for the textarea; region-list shows it for every region in regions list
[rows] number Number of rows in the textarea
[required] boolean false Validate whether content in textarea is required
[requiredMessage] string Message to show if validation fails
[showSubmitButton] boolean Whether to show or hide the submit button. By default it shows when there are more than one rows of text, such as in textarea mode.
[perRegion] boolean Use this tag to label regions instead of whole objects
[perItem] boolean Use this tag to label items inside objects instead of whole objects


Basic labeling configuration to display only a text area

  <TextArea name="ta"></TextArea>


You can combine the TextArea tag with other tags for OCR or other transcription tasks

  <Image name="image" value="$ocr"/>
  <Labels name="label" toName="image">
    <Label value="Product" background="#166a45"/>
    <Label value="Price" background="#2a1fc7"/>
  <Rectangle name="bbox" toName="image" strokeWidth="3"/>
  <TextArea name="transcription" toName="image" editable="true" perRegion="true" required="true" maxSubmissions="1" rows="5" placeholder="Recognized Text" displayMode="region-list"/>


You can keep submissions unique.

  <Audio name="audio" value="$audio"/>
  <TextArea name="genre" toName="audio" skipDuplicates="true" />
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