User roles and permissions

Your user role determines your level of access to actions and information in Label Studio.

Access can be further refined through workspace and project membership. For more information, see Project setup.

Roles in Label Studio Enterprise

For information on how to assign users to roles, see Manage user accounts.

Role Description
Owner Manages the organization and has full permissions at all levels.

This is not an assignable role, and there is only one Owner per organization. By default, the Owner is tied to the account that created the Label Studio organization. To change the Owner, you will need to open a support ticket.
Administrator Has full permissions at most levels.

Can modify workspaces, view activity logs, and approve invitations. However, Administrators cannot access the billing page.
Manager Has full administrative access over assigned workspaces and projects.

Managers cannot access the Organization page. They must be assigned to a workspace by an Owner or Administrator. But once assigned, they have full administrative access in the assigned workspaces.
Reviewer Reviews annotated tasks.

Can only view projects that include tasks assigned to them. Can review and update task annotations.
Annotator Labels tasks.

Can only view projects with tasks assigned to them and label tasks in those projects.

Permissions in Label Studio Enterprise

Action Annotator Reviewer Manager Administrator Owner
User Management
Assign user roles
View the Organization page
Invite users
View system-wide activity log
Project Management
Workspace access R R CRUD CRUD CRUD
Project access R R CRUD1 CRUD CRUD
Save custom project templates
Data Access
View project data If permitted in project settings, can view own.
Import data
Export data
Data Labeling Workflows
Assign annotators to tasks
Access labeling workflow
Access review workflow
Monitor annotator agreement
Review annotator performance Own
Verify annotation results
Assign reviewers to tasks
API access to equivalent Label Studio functionality 1
Track what happens and when on annotation dashboards Own Project Workspace and invited projects Organization Organization
View annotator dashboard

  1. 1.For their own workspaces and invited projects
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