Label Studio terminology

The following table describes some terms you might encounter as you use Label Studio:

Term Description
Annotations The output of a labeling task. Previously called “completions”. The terms “annotations” and “labels” are frequently used interchangeably.
Bounding box Region within an image.
Dataset What you import into Label Studio, comprised of individual items, or labeling tasks.
Labels What you add to each region while labeling a task in Label Studio.
Label stream When you click Label All Tasks from the Data Manager, you are working within the label stream.
Labeling configuration The labeling configuration determines what annotators and reviewers will see. It is configured in the project settings.
Annotations in Label Studio format that machine learning models create for an unlabeled dataset. See import pre-annotations
Relation A defined relationship between two labeled regions.
Result A label applied to a specific region as stored in an annotation or prediction. See Label Studio JSON format of annotated tasks.
Quick view The “quick view” is what you see when you click an individual item in the Data Manager to open it (different than viewing it in the “label stream”).
Record Item in a dataset.
Region The portion of the task identified for labeling. For example, when working with text, this might be a specific span of text or field. For images, an example region is a bounding box. For text, an example region is a span of text. Often has a label assigned to it.
Task When you upload data to Label Studio, each item in the dataset becomes a labeling task. A task is a distinct item from a dataset that is ready to be labeled, pre-annotated, or has already been annotated. For example: a text snippet, an image, or a video clip.
Tags Configuration options to customize the labeling interface. See more about tags.
Templates Example labeling configurations that you can use to specify the type of labeling that you’re performing with your dataset. See all available templates
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