ML Examples and Tutorials

Hugging Face NER

Natural Language Processing,Named Entity Recognition,Hugging Face

Sklearn Text Classifier model

Natural Language Processing,Text Classification,Scikit-learn

Object detection with bounding boxes using MMDetection

Computer Vision,Object Detection,Image Annotation,OpenMMLab,MMDetection

Zero-shot object detection and image segmentation with Grounding DINO

Computer Vision,Image Annotation,Object Detection,Zero-shot Image Segmentation,Grounding DINO,Segment Anything Model

Interactive LLM labeling with GPT

Generative AI,Large Language Model,OpenAI,Azure,Ollama,ChatGPT

NER labeling with Flair

Natural Language Processing,Named Entity Recognition,Flair

Hugging Face Large Language Model (LLM)

Generative AI,Large Language Model,Text Generation,Hugging Face

RAG with a Langchain search agent

Generative AI,Retrieval Augmented Generation,Google,OpenAI,Langchain

Use GLiNER for NER annotation

Natural Language Processing,Named Entity Recognition,GLiNER,BERT,Hugging Face

Interactive bounding boxes OCR with Tesseract

Computer Vision,Optical Character Recognition,Tesseract

Automatic Speech Recognition with NVidia NeMo

Audio/Speech Processing,Automatic Speech Recognition,NeMo,NVidia

spaCy models for NER

Natural Language Processing,Named Entity Recognition,SpaCy

Classify text with a BERT model

Natural Language Processing,Text Classification,BERT,Hugging Face

Interactive substring matching for NER tasks

Natural Language Processing,Named Entity Recognition,Interactive matching

Transcribe text from images with EasyOCR

Computer Vision,Optical Character Recognition,EasyOCR

Interactive annotation with Segment Anything Model

Computer Vision,Object Detection,Image Annotation,Segment Anything Model,Facebook,ONNX