Manage datasets for Data Discovery - Beta 🧪

Dataset settings

From the Datasets page, click the overflow menu next to dataset and select Settings.

Overflow menu next to a dataset

Settings page              Description
General Edit the dataset name and description.
Storage Review the storage settings. For information about the storage setting fields, see their descriptions in Create a dataset.
Members Manage dataset members. See Add or remove members.

Create project tasks from a dataset

Select the records you want to annotate and click n Records. From here you can select a project or you can create a new project.

The selected records are added to the project as individual tasks.

Screenshot of the button to add tasks to project

Add or remove members

From here you can add and remove members. Only users in the Manager role can be added or removed from a dataset. Reviewers and Annotators cannot be dataset members.

By default, all Owner or Administrator roles are dataset members and cannot be removed.

Permission Roles                                                
Create a dataset Owner

Delete a dataset Owner

View and update dataset settings Owner

View and search dataset Owner


Export records to projects Owner



Delete a dataset

From the Datasets page, select the overflow menu next to dataset and select Delete. A confirmation prompt appears.

Deleting a dataset does not affect any project tasks you created using the dataset.