Manage billing

Manage the billing and usage settings for your Label Studio Enterprise accounts. For details about Label Studio plan pricing, see Label Studio Editions & Pricing on the Heartex website.

You must be the organization Owner to manage billing.

About billing

Label Studio teams is priced based on how many seats for users you allocate. You can see the number of seats compared with the number of active users on the Billing & Usage page for your organization in Label Studio.

View billing information

  1. In the Label Studio UI, click the hamburger icon to open the left sidebar menu.
  2. Click Organization.
  3. Click Billing & Usage.
  4. Review the billing history for Billing & Usage.

Frequently asked billing questions

Find answers to common questions related to billing.

What happens if my plan is inactive?

If your subscription to Label Studio Enterprise expires or is cancelled, you can no longer perform labeling, review annotations, or add new users to your organization. You can log in and export your completed annotations.

What happens if I have too many active users?

You need to purchase additional seats for your Label Studio Teams subscription if you have more active users than your subscription allows. A user counts as an active user when they are assigned a role. Invited users that have not yet accepted an invitation appear as “Not activated” and do not count toward the seat limit.

Can I upgrade to Label Studio Enterprise?

Yes, you can upgrade to a Label Studio Enterprise, please contact our sales: